Offering World Class Mobile Device Management Solutions

We provide device management solutions and analytics platforms to governments, mobile operators, manufacturers, and industry partners that eliminate deceptive and fraudulent business practices.

Our platforms address a wide range of industry issues including tax revenue loss, security, mobile theft, consumer privacy, network quality, and trademark infringement.

Boost Revenues

Our solutions have helped governments increase their revenues multi-fold reaching almost one billion US dollars in less than two years of deploying our solution. 

Improve Security

Counterfeit and fake mobile devices contain spyware and malware that steal personal information and pose a serious security threat to the country. We help eliminate these devices from the marketplace.

Enhance Network Capacity while Reducing Costs

Replacing substandard mobile devices from the network increases network data and voice capacity, thus reducing CapEx and OpEx, resulting in better profit margins for mobile operators.

Increase ARPU

There is a direct correlation of higher mobile data rates to higher consumption of content. Ensuring availability and use of better quality mobile devices with advanced features, coupled with advanced network technologies, generates higher subscriber data usage thus increasing mobile operators' average revenue per user (ARPU).

Grow Market Share

Counterfeit devices bearing a genuine manufacturer's trademark not only hurt sales, but also negatively impact brand image. Eradicating these devices from the market helps genuine mobile manufacturers gain market share and increase sales.

Protect Your Brand

Do not let counterfeiters tarnish your brand by selling a substandard replica of your high-quality product. Our solutions uniquely detect a genuine device from a pool of fake devices.

Enforce IPR

High-Tech companies and genuine device manufacturers spend billions of dollars on R&D developing new technologies and bringing their innovations to the market. 

Our systems ensure their work and innovations are respected and the intellectual property rights are not infringed upon.

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