Providing Device Intelligence to Mobile Operators

Device Profiling & Characterization Platform for Mobile Operators

Mobile Device Profiling

Our solution, DeVu, provides device intelligence and insight from mobile data analytics. The platform uses real-world data collected by network operators and provides analyses of devices actually observed on the network.

The platform provides insight from mobile data analytics and continuous monitoring of device penetration, net-adds, usage trends, and behavior analysis. Additionally, DeVu provides device categorization and usage patterns, trending and growth data per device model, technology breakdown, band, and feature support status and trends.

The system also identifies fraudulent device penetration and device identifier anomalies on the network along with suspicious usage patterns indicating possible grey traffic generated by SIM boxes.

The system can either be deployed in the cloud or in operator's data center. We also provide automated data profiling as a service using our DeVu platform under the SaaS model.