Mobile Registration

Countries lose millions of dollars each year due to illegal import, smuggling, and under-invoicing of mobile devices even when declaring products to the Customs authorities at the port of entry.

Not only are governments forced to bear a hefty loss in tax revenues, but they also lose visibility into what devices are brought into the country. When unchecked, importers can bring devices that are counterfeit, contain malware posing security threats to the country, stolen, or simply non-compliant that do not meet the in-country regulator's criteria for device certification.

Our mobile registration system builds a national device database consisting of all mobiles present in the country and active on the networks. We deploy the system under the policy and regulatory framework in cooperation with the country's telecom regulator and mobile operators.

The system checks, identifies, and eradicates all illegal, counterfeit, and non-compliant devices from the marketplace by verifying the installed base of devices currently active on the networks and continuing to monitor as new devices are activated.